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A new explorer yacht in construction: Kilkea

Kilkea: explorer yacht for all oceans

Kilkea is the latest project from Shackleton Superyachts & International Shipbuilders, and is set for launch later this year. An explorer yacht Designed for 30 days of autonomous cruising, this is a true explorer yacht with startling Bannenberg & Rowell exterior styling. Sleeping 36 guests and sporting a distinctive bow shape, the yacht will clearly take you to whichever challenging part of the ocean you choose to cruise to. She has also been certified for environmentally friendly operation, so will be equally adept at taking you to more tropical locations. A further focus of the yacht is on low fuel consumption.


A huge open deck space amidships includes a pool (there’s another inside), while the interior has been fashioned as an open-plan space that includes a golf range, a tennis court, an indoor garden, and a private Imax cinema. Other features include a submarine dock, a five-a-side football pitch, an underwater observation room, and a helideck with hangar. The details of the interior can be customized by her new owner.

The asking price is $62 millions via Edmiston.


Kilkea_3by Nicolas Saugnac

Damen Heads for the Ice

Amels’ Damen proposes a range of heavy-duty offerings for extreme cruising.

Shipbuilder Damen, parent company of yachtbuilder Amels, has released designs for a range of purpose-built expedition vessels the company says will provide “luxury where you want it; capability where you need it.”

The new range, called SeaXplorer, draws hull lines from Damen’s Sea Axe yacht support vessels, but was reimagined from the keel up to accommodate expedition-style cruising in extreme climates beyond easy distance of services. Three sizes—213, 295 and 328 feet (65, 90 and 100 meters)—are intended to provide superyacht-grade luxury with serious toy-carrying capability.

The SeaXplorer 65 is designed to carry 12 guests, a helicopter, a rescue boat, a dive support boat, two Zodiacs, a submersible and four WaveRunners. The SOLAS-compliant SeaXplorer 100 is designed to carry up to 30 guests, two helicopters, four Zodiacs, an expedition RIB, two submersibles, a luxury tender and many other toys. It can stay out 40 days without a port call.

Damen SeaXplorer

All three models are designed to meet the requirements of the IMO Polar Code. Each has ice-breaking capability, although that duty is accomplished in a novel way: not by crashing through the ice bow-on, but by backing down to move through it. The axe bow is intended to provide strong seakeeping in rough weather.

SeaXplorer was developed in partnership with EYOS Expeditions, which has extensive experience coordinating remote itineraries using the world’s existing superyacht fleet. With the new range, the company hopes to omit the compromises associated with planning and executing trips using converted or refit commercial vessels or luxury yachts. The hull lines were drawn by Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture with a nod to maximizing guest interaction with the environment. Owners will choose their own interior designers.

Damen SeaXplorer in ice

On board data network, ready for the future?

Operating on seas and oceans means influences of sea water and salt crystals on electronic and digital components. The amount of data on ship networks is increasing because our need for information is growing. Traditionally ships and yachts are cabled with copper cabling and connectors for electricity supply and data transport. Bright Optical Connectivity BV believes in the advantages the maritime industry will gain when adopting optic fiber technology.

With more and more smart devices there is an urge for broadband networks with higher
speeds. With our optic fiber technology and hybrid network architecture we bring your
connectivity to a higher level. The one network for everything solution. A network
for audio, video and data access needs a stable connection. Our broadband network is a modular concept based on polymer optical fiber (POF).

1Gbps POF Switch WLAN Access Point 1Gbps Duplex Plastic Optic Fiber Cable

According to your requirements, different devices like SMART TV’s, PC’s, or digital recorders, can be integrated as well as different transmission standards (e.g. USB, WLAN, Ethernet, 1394, etc.). This will offer you always a state of the art network technology. The active modules for different transmission standards can be plugged into the optical wall socket according to your technical requirements.

The complete broadband network system enables you to implement wireless modules, Ethernet, 1394 or USB interfaces simply into your private- or office network. Advantages of this broadband network are the easy installation, 100% secure lines, stable signal transmission and no electromagnetic interference possible.