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X-Yachts announces new high performance cruiser

New High performance X-Yacht

X YachtsThis is the second model in the new X series from this premium Danish boat builder, following the sixty-foot X6, the prototype of which is due for launch in the next few weeks. The range is designed to fit between the company’s Xp range of performance cruiser-racers and the Xc line up of optimised long-distance cruisers.
The X4 is an attractive 41-footer, that’s designed to offer as much interior and deck space as possible, without compromising the sailing qualities for which X-Yachts is renowned. Granted, it won’t be as quick as the equivalent model in the Xp range, though you can still expect more speed and better handling than the majority of the competition.

The entire hallmark X-Yacht features are incorporated in this design, including All X-Yachts normal features including an encapsulated lead keel, hydraulic backstay adjuster, discontinuous rod rigging and Spectre halyards as standard. Six generously sized winches handle the halyards and sheets.


The deck design and layout would be perfect for sailing in the Mediterranean (or indeed the Baltic in summer), while also offering the potential for longer ocean voyaging, including trans-Atlantic passages. However, the boat is not as optimised for the latter purpose as the Xc range.
Accommodation options include either two or three cabins and one or two heads.

In all cases generous beam in the forward sections gives a larger than average owner’s cabin. Joinery is of a high standard, and much effort has been made to incorporate useable lockers, bookshelves and other stowage, while maintaining a stylish appearance. In this respect much has been transferred from the X6 model, which itself sought to create a distinctive high quality interior style inspired by those of larger custom-built yachts. Eleven fixed hull and deck port lights, along with a dozen opening deck hatches helps ensure maximum interior ventilation and light.


A choice of three keels is offered, with the standard model having a torpedo bulb keel and draught of 2.2m. Shoal draught, deep draught and L-shape bulb keels are also offered. The prototype X4 is currently in production and will be launched in the summer of 2016.
Hull length 12.50m
LWL 11.31m
Beam 3.95m
Standard draft 2.20m
Shoal draft (L-keel) 1.85m
Deep draft (L-keel) 2.50m
Displacement (light) 8,850kg
Ballast (standard) 3,800kg
Engine diesel 45hp
Fuel tank 200 litres
Water tank 340 litres
Mainsail (aluminium mast) 54.0sq m
Genoa (106%) 43.0sq m
Spinnaker 150sq m
Spinnaker (asymmetric) 101sq m






Vitters And Claasen Join Forces In New Acquisition

Vitters Shipyard and the management of Claasen Shipyards have today announced the acquisition of Claasen Shipyards and will now form the new owners and management team of the yard.

This combination creates significant added value for Vitters and Claasen as they leverage on their individual strengths to operate in tandem while continuing their yachtbuilding activities in the manner that has earned both yards an excellent reputation.

“Claasen Shipyards has a fine team of people with considerable skills and experience, and we are delighted to welcome them as colleagues,” comments Louis Hamming, CEO of Vitters Shipyard. “The yard has built an impressive fleet over the years and the exceptional expertise of the Claasen craftsmen is completely in line with the identity of Vitters. Moreover, their rich knowledge and experience of building and engineering a J-Class yacht will be a major asset to Vitters.”

Green Marine, builder of many famous composite yachts, residing in Southampton in the UK is member of the group. Green Marine will still build hulls for third parties and will have the opportunity to be fitted out at both Claasen and Vitters. This is another opportunity for Vitters, Green and Claasen to benefit from each other’s markets and expertise.

“Joining forces with Vitters Shipyard is a great chance for Claasen to grow further in the niche market in which we operate,” adds Joachim Kieft, CEO of Claasen Shipyards. “This development will make it possible for us to achieve our ambitious goals for the coming years.”

The individual business formulas and working methods of the companies will remain the same within the new set-up. Both yards will retain their distinctive brand identity and serve specific areas of the superyacht market. At a management level, Claasen and Vitters will make and share agreements with each other in regular meetings.

There will also be closer ties in the project management, with the two yards working with the same suppliers/contractors in the first-class maritime infrastructure in the Netherlands. Vitters & Claasen

On board data network, ready for the future?

Operating on seas and oceans means influences of sea water and salt crystals on electronic and digital components. The amount of data on ship networks is increasing because our need for information is growing. Traditionally ships and yachts are cabled with copper cabling and connectors for electricity supply and data transport. Bright Optical Connectivity BV believes in the advantages the maritime industry will gain when adopting optic fiber technology.

With more and more smart devices there is an urge for broadband networks with higher
speeds. With our optic fiber technology and hybrid network architecture we bring your
connectivity to a higher level. The one network for everything solution. A network
for audio, video and data access needs a stable connection. Our broadband network is a modular concept based on polymer optical fiber (POF).

1Gbps POF Switch WLAN Access Point 1Gbps Duplex Plastic Optic Fiber Cable

According to your requirements, different devices like SMART TV’s, PC’s, or digital recorders, can be integrated as well as different transmission standards (e.g. USB, WLAN, Ethernet, 1394, etc.). This will offer you always a state of the art network technology. The active modules for different transmission standards can be plugged into the optical wall socket according to your technical requirements.

The complete broadband network system enables you to implement wireless modules, Ethernet, 1394 or USB interfaces simply into your private- or office network. Advantages of this broadband network are the easy installation, 100% secure lines, stable signal transmission and no electromagnetic interference possible.